Instructor Kash Baig

With a keen interest in martial arts Kash has trained in various combat sports and reality based martial arts systems.

Having been fortunate to source out and train with some of the best instructors in the country; being a certified door supervisor and having worked in the security industry for over 20 years, Kash has encountered numerous self defence situations which have required protecting both himself and others.

His experience has been priceless and has enabled him to teach what works under great pressure and at times of stress.


  • Modern Close Quarter Combatatives L1 Instructor
  • British Combat Association Instructor
  • Real Combat System Instructor
  • NFPS National Federation Of Personal Safety Instructor
  • Btec Level 3 Advance Self Defence Instructor
  • Conflict Resolution Level 2
  • Physical Intervention Level 2
  • Certified Door Supervisor

Further Experience

  • Gracie Jujitsu
  • Close Quarter Combatives
  • Real Combat System
  • Krav Maga
  • Kapap
  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai
  • Submission Wrestling

Current Training

  • Goshinkwai Combat
  • Krav Maga